Expert mixing services for your music, audio or dialog.
We will consult with you about your specific project and goals.

What goes into Mixing?

Mixing is the process of balancing volumes, eqs, and compression per audio track to produce a proper blend of all the sounds present on a single song when played together. If you’re at the music mixing stage, it means you’ve tracked your instruments already—whether its drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, brass, strings, or vocals.


Having a professional mix helps your music sound professional and is a major step to having your music ready for proper playback. Mixing is vital to take your music from sounding like a demo, to having it sound as intended for your single, EP, or album.

Minimum file requirements

For our mixing services we have certain file requirements to keep your tracks at the highest quality possible. Please ensure that your audio tracks are:

16bit .wav files (or higher)

44.1khz sample rate (or higher)

At least -6dBFS per track peak (or lower)

What our services provide to you

Stereo Wav/MP3 files of the final mix

Vocal Up version of the mix (adds +1dB to vocal channels)

Consulting about the direction of the mix