We Provide many aspects of audio production. We create custom sound design assets, beats, compositions, and arrangements.

What is Audio Production?

Audio production is a blanket term for the creation and editing of audio. This can include composing music, synthesizing sounds, arranging music, recording instruments and sounds and processing audio with effects.


Custom audio production by a studio that has a wealth of experience such as Subsix Audio is vital for creating content that you want people to remember. Sound affects much of what we remember from ads, games, movies, and tv shows and obviously, our favorite music itself. Whatever your project needs, we can be there for you to help you complete your vision. We have a large catalog of sample libraries, Instruments, and Synthesis to create whatever you could need.

How do I get what I need for my project?

We will consult with you about all of your needs for your project. Once we discuss the scope of your project, we will create a plan to help get you your assets and music as timely as possible; all while keeping you updated about the progress of the project along the way.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together