Who we are

Subsix Audio is a small team of professional audio engineers dedicated to helping your music reach its maximum potential.
Specialized in modern, and forward-thinking music and sound, they provide a range of audio related services from mastering, sound design, mixing and music creation. Their work has provided clarity and high-quality sound to many clients across industries including: music, film, video games, and advertising. Subsix Audio’s goal is to elevate its clients' productions and ideas to meet their maximum potential in creativity, and quality of sound.

Erik Helmers

With over 10 years’ experience in audio engineering and music production, Erik has meticulously continued to learn new techniques and processes each year to give him confidence in his skills. Starting from a small vocational school for audio engineering, he has done work for notable companies such as Syng (featured in Time magazine for: top 100 inventions of 2021), Focus Features, Oculus Rift, and worked with many musical artists, advertisements, and video game developers; Erik can apply clinical precision and clarity to productions that are so often sought after.

Vlad Olareanu

Using his creative approach on sound design since 2009, Vlad uses the latest cutting-edge instruments and synthesis to generate sonic elements that express different kinds of emotions. He has worked in film, advertising, radio, and video game industries creating worlds and stories that can be heard. His works range from orchestral compositions to bleeding edge modern sci fi sounds. Having a vast knowledge in production and understanding how different elements can be combined to build complex hybrid sequences, Vlad delivers staggering AAA quality that will suit any client’s needs.